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Damned Pilots - One More Mission (jewelcase cd)

Damned Pilots - One More Mission (jewelcase cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Planet K Records

Description : The Damned Pilots relate to a steam punk and post-nuclear cartoon-like scenario. Their sound ranges from classic rock to stoner and doom-metal. Formed in Trieste (Italy) in 2013. In June 2016 they had been touring for the first time in Usa to promote their cd ‘One More Mission’ released by Planet K Records. Damned Pilots’ current line up consists of Sgt. Ote (lead vocals, guitar), Willer Hz (guitar), Enrico Apostoli (bass) and Don Nutz on drums. For fans of :Corrosion Of Conformity or Trouble !!!

Intro 00:35
Evil 06:43
One More Mission 05:54
Just Another Day 03:01
Believe Me Now 01:16
My Word 04:08
Sleeping In The Fire 04:08
Make My Day 04:25
Believin' In 03:49
Zeta Reticuli 04:19
Vino Rosso Feat Doc Heaten Scum From The Mentors 04:18
The Priest And The Nun Feat . Doc Heaten Scume From The Mentors 05:15