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Cloud Catcher - Trails Of Kozmik Dust (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Totem Cat

Description : On CD, this is the second release by Denver, Colorado's Cloud Catcher. 'Trails Of Kozmik Dust' is riff driven and energy fueled to craft a personal style of cosmic rock. Think the Jimi Hendrix Experience in structure, or a more freaked out Mahogany Rush, and you'll get the feeling. Release date: 17/03/2017

Astral Warlord 05:31
Celestial Empress 05:41
Beyond The Electric Sun 07:06
Dimensional Interlude 01:03
Visions 04:28
Trails Of Kozmic Dust 06:21
Super Acid Magick 03:34
Righteous Ruler