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Cholo Visceral - Vol. II (cd)

Cholo Visceral - Vol. II (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Necio Records

Description : It's a fantastic slab of prog, jazz and psychedelia that is as compelling as it is eclectic. Cholo Visceral are a Peruvian collective who have undergone a great many of personnel changes. 'Vol II' is an immense body of work, driven by sheer energy and invention. If listened to on a superficial level it may appear disorganised and needlessly abstract, however with 'proper' listening it becomes a highly creative and satisfying album. The instrumentation is like a cordon blue recipe...

Explosión Del Misti 12:10
Muca 08:49
Cholacos 16:20
Jarjacha 06:07
Cholo Visceral 11:15
De Años De Terror 11:14
El Paso Entre Las Lomas 04:46