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Chillisounds - Shake Your Skull (cd)

Chillisounds - Shake Your Skull (cd)

Year : 2011

Label : Transubstans Records

Description : "Shake Your Skull" is classic rock for a new generation. Even though the foundation lies steadily upon the heaviness of Black Sabbath and the riffing rampage is similar to early AC/DC, what makes this ten track onslaught unforgettable is the sonically in-yer-face production. To top it all of, the soaring vocals sounds like they belong to the long lost twin brother of Glenn Danzig or Ian Astbury (The Cult), making this a must hear for a new generation of riff loving fans. Even though
the focus is set on the crunching sheer power of hard rock, a song like "Evil mind blues" pays respect to the laid back feel of southern rock, while the pumping
groove of "Heartbeater" is music made for filling dance floors around the world. Nevertheless, what makes "Shake Your Skull" stand out in a crowd is because its
filled to the brim with unforgettable choruses you can clench your fist and sing along to.

No Vacation
Taking Off
Back In The Game
Evil Mind Blues
Mark of Cain
Love Pays No Rent