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Burn Pilot - Passionate (lp)

20 EUR
Year : 2012

Label : Setalight Records

Description : BURN PILOT mixes Psychedelic rock and Ambient influence with uncompromising Punk-Attitude. Experiments with avantgarde, kraut and jazz sounds are also to be heard. Founded middle of the last decade of both brothers Sidney and Joel in the percussion and bass, at the age of 11 and 12 years, and completes by the Congenial guitarist Jonas BURN PILOT began quite early her musical trip. To date the trio has published four albums and more than 400 concerts on the young hump. It forms a new  psychedelic spearhead.

Droning Darkness 05:42
Burst To Splinters 06:42
Lying To The Cobra 03:42
Your Home Is Where My Heart Was 07:27
Ritualists 07:55
Good Old Reliable 05:55
Jori Zan 03:38
Shade Shapes 07:36