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Burn Pilot - Bohemian Trauma (cd)

14 EUR
Year : 

Label : Setalight

Description : BURN PILOT leave nothing to chance and take what is available to them. Three young people, musically talented, very high, artistic output, set against a tempo, which can each band can only dream of. Musically BURN PILOT are not really set, it must have energy and the flow has to be right, and clearly the classic 3 rock instrumentation show you the way, but the goal is yet to be seen, because this band has potential.

Vision Of Gigantic Crystals 10:14
Warpaint 05:06
Gent 03:52
Dethroned 06:15
Betrayed 04:29
Her Perfect Youth 05:41
The Bohemian III: A Tool Of Light/The Bohemian IV: Become One With Darkness
Coming Home 05:58
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