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Buffalo Crows - Primitive Grind (digipack duplicated cd)

Buffalo Crows - Primitive Grind (digipack duplicated cd)

Year : 2014

Label : DIY

Description : Buffalo Crows came to the top of the rise and surveyed the land before them. it was green and verdant. They saw that it was good. A new dawn rose. Birds tweeted. Cows gamboled on the lush plains below. A vision of rampaging guitars and wild, soulful harmonica came to them. they went down to the valley to play.
Australian power metal screaming artwork hiding heavy blues grooves fronted by gnarly Beefheart-like vocals.heavy rock, metal and roots 'n roll.

Kingdom Come
Bastard Blues
Angel Down
Dune Messiah
Bone Throne
Walk Through The Fire
A Million Years
Blast From The Past