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Buffalo Crows - Bovonic Empire (digipack duplcated cd)

Buffalo Crows - Bovonic Empire (digipack duplcated cd)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : A pulverising blast of Australian Stoner Rock and Metal. Featuring guest vocals from NWOBHM stalwart Paul Mario Day (Wildfire, More, Sweet, Iron Maiden) and Australian Heavy Rock icon Dave Tice(Buffalo). Australian feralattors Buffalo Crows invite you to wig out to their latest offering Bovonic Empire. Bestial in its magnificence, punishing in its execution.

Trog 05:44
The Tempest 04:35
StarLord 05:39
Buffalo Rising 04:55
Crawling Off The Edge Of The World 05:26
Rivers Of Regret 05:50
Monte Cristo 04:43
Defenders 05:28
Execution 08:21