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Borracho - Atacama (cd)

Borracho - Atacama (cd)

Year  : 2016

Label : Kozmik Artifactz

Description : Borracho is a three piece heavy rock band from Washington, DC. In the five years since releasing their 2011 debut Splitting Sky, they have become a staple of the Mid-Atlantic - and US - stoner rock scene. 2013's follow up Oculus highlighted a band in metamorphosis, moving the band forward sonically with a leaner lineup, but continuing their emphasis on song construction and memorable melodies.

Gold From Sand 03:37
Overload 10:43
Lost In Time 06:32
Descent 05:45
Drifted Away From the Sun 08:37
Flower 04:27
Shot Down, Banged Up, Fade Away 06:33
Last Song 04:52