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Born To Hula - Tales Of Love (lp)

Born To Hula - Tales Of Love (lp)

23 EUR
Year : 2012

Label : Setalight Records

Description : Born to Hula present their 2nd official release, "Tales of Love". Not as hard as "Sunrise Radio", yet the same struggle of mind and feeling remains on this kamasutra-fuzz record. Plenty of wah wah, flanger and other miscellaneous effect peddles to keep even the most discerning Stoner fan happy. The band’s name is apt with a cool, cruisy surfer feel to the whole album. Immensely enjoyable.

The Job 02:50
For The Sun 05:49
No Regret 03:29
Comin´ Up 07:04
No Control 02:52
Computer 06:32
Kill My Savior 04:10
Red Dwarf 05:54