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Avon - Mad Marco (cd)

Avon - Mad Marco (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Ozium Records

Description : AVON play heavy rock and are from California USA. The music is psychedelic, raw, melodic and has something to say. Their musical bond comes from years of playing in their respective bands often together in California?s desert cities, Los Angeles and on many European tours. Each member brings with them influence and experience to form a unique and driven sound. So if you like heavy desert rock, then you have come to the right place. Members from KYUSS, QOTSA, WAXY and AIRBUS to name a few. Release date : 2017/12/01

Fallen 2:49
Gotta Go 3:39
Mad Marco (el torino) 3:24
Smash Em Down 2:50
I've Seen Her Face 3:09
No One But You 3:59
I Wouldn't Mind 3:44
Yvonne The Avon Lady 3:28
Everyone For Themselves 3:30
Never Again 4:51
Bloodlike Rain 5:06
Voidtronix 2:52