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Aru - More Songs About Dubbing (cd)

Aru - More Songs About Dubbing (cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Forbidden Place Records

Description : Aru breaks down astral borders and transcends celestial time zones. Frozen landscapes and sonic waves caress your soul. Static fuzz gently electrifies
your mind. Your third eye opens unexpectedly.

Atlas Axis Dub 01:09
Mustard In Law, Don't Cry Over Squirt Mustard 02:25
Buck Wild Dub 02:19
Pulverizer 04:38
Hed Games 03:59
Blue Movies Blank Tape 07:21
Mustard In Law, The Toast Of Spreaded Mustard 04:20
Hed Check 05:16
Blue Movies Blank Tape Clip 00:49
Atomizer Dub 04:41
The Ghost Of Fletcher Munson 03:15
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