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Angus Black - Angus Black (cd)

Angus Black - Angus Black (cd)

Year : 2018

Label : Ozium Records

Description : Heavy, groovy stoner doom from gloomy Finland. This is definitely a keeper if you like the sound of Uncle Acid/Dryasdust/Black Sabbath. Antti's unique voice gives a thrilling twist to the powerful riffs and beats and the whole package is finished with Tony Reed's excellent mastering. As Outlaws Of The Sun describes
in an album review: "You would be a fool to miss out this record. Impressive as hell." Yes, you would. The CD includes a bonus track.

All the Sins 05:43
I'll Guide You Home 03:27
I'm Yours 12:16
Incomplete 08:17
Children of The Stars 05:17
Leaving 07:24
Children Of The Stars 06:29