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Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds

Year : 2005

Label : Vertigo

Description : Fans of Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet and Dragontown albums who liked the modern, darker and more serious direction that he was taking with those albums must have found themselves feeling left out by 2003's The Eyes Of Alice Cooper. With that album, instead of continuing on the same path, he went back to the basics and offered a very stripped down album that sounded more like material he did in the early 70' on albums like Love it To Death, Killer and School's Out and bore very little resemblance to Brutal Planet and Dragontown

Woman Of Mass Distracing
You Make Me Wanna
Dirty Diamonds
The Saga Of Jesse Jane
Sunset Babies
Pretty Ballerina
Run Down The Devil
Steal That Car
Six Hours
Your Own Worst Enemy
Zombie Dance