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Abysmal Grief - Reveal Nothing (cd)

12 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Terror From Hell

Description : The Italian purveyors of cursed doom metal return from the shady graveyard to celebrate their 20th anniversary with this CD with all the songs from their singles, splits and 7" , including one new unreleased track "Cursed Be The Rite". Release date: 02/11/2016

Cursed Be The Rite (Bonus Track – recorded in 2016)
Exsequia Occulta (2000 – Exsequia Occulta MCD)
Sepulchre Of Misfotune(2000 – Exsequia Occulta MCD)
Hearse (2002 – Hearse 7”EP)
Borgo Pass (2002 – Hearse 7”EP)
Creatures From The Grave (2004 – Split W/Tony Tears 7”EP)
Brides Of The Goat (2009 – Split W/Denial Of God 7”EP)
The Samhain Feast (2009 – The Smhain Feast 7”EP)
Grimorium Verum (2009 – The Smhain Feast 7”EP)
Celebrate What They Fear (2012 – Celebrate What They Fear 7”EP)
Chains Of Death (2012 – Celebrate What They Fear 7”EP)