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Öken - Öken (CD)

Öken - Öken (CD)

År:  2015

Etikett:  Ozium Records

Description : Öken from Skövde with its debut of Ozium Records plays progressive stoner rock / doom with roots from the 70s psychedelica rock. Adrian Kjellgren (guitar and vocals), Jonathan Holmström (guitar), Jesper Sundell (drums), Arvid Qvick (bass and vocals). They only leave a year, but has already found its own unique sound with a little jam time they have. They are now ready to conquer the world with its desert fuzzy jam cozy doomy music. For fans of: Lugnoro, Jethro Tull and Dungen aswell If and sleep. Krautprogbikermetal !!

  • Ol'Mr. Scrooge 07:04
  • Crimson Moon 05:12
  • Ferrule 06:00
  • Väktaren 06:20
  • De Trenne 05:50
  • Timboholm 08:17
  • Under Vår Sol 11:03
  • Cuauhtémoc 00:18